27 April 2012

Source Audio Programmable EQ

The Source Audio Programmable EQ is a compact, digital, graphic-equalizer pedal.

A graphic-eq is a good tool when playing live because you can quickly see which settings you have made.
The Source Audio EQ even lights up in green. However the scale is a little small and can be hard to read. Luckily the knob for adjusting the EQ has a clicking feeling and every click is 1db.

The true bypass EQ has another important feature: It can store up to four presets and scroll through them, making it convenient to select different presets for different songs or solo/ backing or two different instruments.

The Programmable EQ also provides a output knob for leveling or boosting the eq'ed signal.

In my testing I played a couple of instruments through my amplifier with the EQ in the effects loop.

First I played my old german fiddle equipped with a Bradivarius bridge pickup.

Here is a sound clip with the pickup through the AER with the SA EQ in the loop bypassed.

I wanted to tweak a couple of frequencies. I adjusted the EQ set the output level and then saved my setting. Here is the result:

I have also made a couple of samples with the new Remic v5200-1b microphone.

Here is a clean sound sample through the AER with the EQ in the loop bypassed:

Adjustments may look like the same setting I used for the Bradivarius. But the cuts are only at 2-3db. Here is the Remic v5200-lb with the Source Audio in the loop:


  1. I like programmable EQs,they are fine tools.I have FlexWaves FW-EQ7 analog programmable eq and i am very happy with it.

  2. FlexWaves FW-EQ7 looks very interesting as well, thanks Paul.