12 February 2016

Become a Remic endorser

We are about to expand our global endorser program with 100 new endorsers - are you one?

This endorsement program covers, artists and bands playing violin, viola, cello, upright bass, brass & woodwind, drums and grand piano, as well as
sound engineers, theatres and concert halls.

If you have an established career in the music industry and wish to become a REMIC artist, you can apply for a REMIC artist designation. Please read the 
important FAQ before you fill out and submit the application form here; http://www.remic.dk/endorsement/


18 September 2015

09 April 2015

Terra Nova

Here is a video with the title track of my upcoming album
Terra Nova..

28 January 2015

Electric violin effect pedal reviews - MAK Space Reverb

Here is a nice little video on the MAK space reverb. Even if you do not have that particular reverb a lot of the controls are essentially common on all reverbs.
Reverbs are very useful in conjunction with with pickups or more directional mics for giving a more lively feel.

Yianny Kuc also goes into more experimental sounds in the last half of the video.

21 January 2015

Zoom A3 - with the Remic

I have been using the Remic 5200LB for more than a year now. It is a nice handmade mic, which is not intrusive and has a good sound and is very feedback resistant - the most feedback resistant mic I have ever tried on my fiddles.

My first setup comprised a Sennheisser G3 system going into a Headway EDB-1 (discontinued) preamp for EQ. After discovering that the allowed wireless frequencies in Denmark was not allowed within the UK, I ditched the Sennheisser (but I would like to be wireless so I am searching for a system)....

07 April 2014

KC 5 Star Pro fiddle for sale

I am selling my great sounding and playing 5 stringed fiddle, which was made for me by Michael Richwine from KC Strings.

Here is a video of the trio Strings at Hand. You can hear my friend Thyge playing that very fiddle:

If you would like to hear more about the fiddle, please contact me at hjansberg@gmail.com

01 March 2014

Zoom Q4

Zoom has released a new HD video recorder, the Q4.

Again it looks like zoom has their eye on the musicians, who need an easy to use portable recorder for good quality sound and video.

Also the Q4 adds a bit more in functionality compared to other music/video recorders like the Sony HDR MV1 or Olympus LS-20M HD.