07 April 2014

KC 5 Star Pro fiddle for sale

I am selling my great sounding and playing 5 stringed fiddle, which was made for me by Michael Richwine from KC Strings.

Here is a video of the trio Strings at Hand. You can hear my friend Thyge playing that very fiddle:

If you would like to hear more about the fiddle, please contact me at hjansberg@gmail.com

01 March 2014

Zoom Q4

Zoom has released a new HD video recorder, the Q4.

Again it looks like zoom has their eye on the musicians, who need an easy to use portable recorder for good quality sound and video.

Also the Q4 adds a bit more in functionality compared to other music/video recorders like the Sony HDR MV1 or Olympus LS-20M HD.

24 January 2014

New AMPLIFi amps from Line 6

Line 6 has introduced two interesting amps. They are aimed at guitarists but have some interesting features for amplified strings as well.

The two amps contains a full-range speaker system and 75watt and 150watt respectively and can be configured via an iOS app, for either ipad or iphone.

This way the tone can be highly customized for hard to amplify instruments such as stringed instruments.

Learn more here: http://line6.com/amplifi/