05 April 2012

Schaller Oyster

The Oyster is one of the oldest and cheapest pickup designs I know. I have seen other manufacturers use the same design with small detail changes.

The pickups is a piezo placed inside a metal housing, providing shield from hum and potection.

The Schaller has 3mtr's of cable and is terminated with a 6,5mm jack.

I had to use a preamplifier to record the Oyster trough the AER alpha plus to be able to reach the amp. This added no degradation to the signal.

In this sound sample I used the Alpha's eq but did not add any reverb. I placed the Oyster pickup in the center behind the bridge.

The settings can be seen on the picture below.

Here are some sound samples of the Schaller Oyster recorded direct to disc. No eq or effects are added.

The Oyster placed center behind the bridge:

The Oyster placed at G-string side behind the bridge:

The Oyster placed at the E-string side behind the bridge:

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