11 April 2012

Mässbacka Microphone

Finnish designed and hand-built microphone called Mässbacka (from the name of the designed I guess).

I do not hav any additional info on the origin of this microphone.

The microphone is an omnidirectional miniature mic. It sits in a metal housing and mounts on the violin through the tailpiece G-string hole by the sue of a small finger-screw.

If you have a tailpiece with built-in adjusters you can either put a metal washer and mount the microphone between the G and D string or you can take out the adjuster-screw on the G-string and mount the microphone in that hole.

Here is a sound sample of the Mässbacka microphone trough my AER alpha plus amp:

You can see my eq settings on the amp below. I have not added any reverb.

Here is a sound sample going straight to disc:

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