20 December 2011

SD Systems LCM110c

This microphone is a cardioid version of the LCM110.

It mounts on the tailpiece in the G-string hole.

I have modified the microphone slightly with a windjammer to block out breathing noise.

It comes with battery box.

Visit SD Systems.com

L. R. Baggs Radius

The Radius pickup was originally made for mandolin but there is a version for violins.

It is attached with adhesive putty and comes with a carpenter jack.

Autolycus pickup

The Autolycus is an Australian made pickup.

It consists of a wired piezo element and a small clip for mounting.

DPA 4099v microphone

The DPA 4099v is a super-cardioid instrument microphone.

It has a specially designed mount for violins, violas and can be mounted on mandolins as well.

There are different versions with mounts for a variety of instruments.

Visit the DPA website

Schertler Basik

The Schertler Basik is an electrostatic stick on pickup made by a Swiss company, who specializes in making pickups and amplification for acoustic instruments.

The Basik is as the name implies Schertlers most basic and cheapest pickup system.

There are three versions of Schertler Basik - the Basik Set, the Basik pro and the Basik Road.
The Set comes with a battery box and a non invasive putty for the application of the pickup to the instrument (this is the tested version).
The Pro adds a 48v adaptor for phantom powering.
The Road provides both the battery box and 48v adaptor.

09 December 2011

My Bows

Here are my two main bows. Both are carbon bows but they have very different characteristic.

The top one is an old CodaBow Classic

The bottom one is a Hertz Stretta

08 December 2011

Hengsheng violin

This instrument is a chinese made violin by Hengsheng in 2006.

I bought it very cheaply, but it has a nice sound.

This violin will be my main instrument for pickup and mic testing purposes.

Here is a sound sample for reference. Recorded direct using the tlm102 microphone from Neumann at 50cm's distance.

Here is another small sound sample

K C five string

My five string fiddle was made for me by Michael Richwine from KC Strings in 2009.

It is a real beast with a big body and high ribs.

I have had a Bradivarius viola pickup fitted to it.

Here is a sound sample

German trade fiddle

A German trade fiddle ca. 1900.

The fiddle is a heirloom from my uncle who was earning money for his studies with this instrument.

I have had a Bradivarius pickup fitted to it.

It is the instrument I play most often.

Have a listen

German Viola

Here is my german viola, build around 1900.

It is a small viola but the right strings does give a more power full sound - I use Spirocore for this one.

Listen to a sound sample


This is the first post in my new blog.
In the coming months i will be posting pics of my fiddle-gear with sound.
I will also be reviewing pickups, mics and more in conjunction with violin and violas.