26 November 2013

Vi-Vi electro-acoustic violin

I found this on the VLM-Augustin website. The Vi-Vi electro-acoustic violin is a fusion of wood and carbon fibre and with a Stringamp pickup system.

The design is a quite traditional Chanot shape, which is often seen on carbon fibre violins. But the Vi-Vi has chosen spruce for the top and maple for the neck and scroll.

Later on there should be a cello with the same pickup system.

23 November 2013

Violin Bridges

from www.violinbridges.co.uk
I have been returning occasionally to this site, where you can see pics of old bridges from a lot of makers.

There are good points as to what the correct measurements are for a bridge.

The pictures include bridges for violin, viola, cello and double bass.

The bridges look so amazingly different so have a look  .

21 November 2013

Fourness Fuse Violin

It is a while ago I first heard of the Fuse violin by Fourness. At that time there was not any sound clips available and so I thought it was just a revival of the ZETA Jazz.

In the looks department there is nothing new, but the sound is a little different. It is always hard to evaluate sound quality from a youtube clip.

01 November 2013

20.000 visitors

I have since last december tried to post updates, test and news every time I had the time for it and now a year later my humble blog has reached 20.000 visitors.