26 November 2012

Great pickup sound

I was just browsing a little on youtube and found this clip with Darol Anger and The Furies. Darol is playing a London five-string fiddle from G. Edward Lutherie, and I must say I find the apparent tone of the pickup really good, very clean and effortless.
I do not know which other gear is used but it looks like it is only the built in pickup through a preamp.
I will have try and get a chance test these instruments from G. Edward Lutherie.

18 November 2012

New electric body design

It has taken me quite some time to decide on a design of the electric violin.

For me an acoustic violin has a certain beauty that is just classic. I did however not want to just take a Stradivarius or Guarneri model a fit a pickup - that would make an acoustic-electric violin.

In my design I have stayed on a conservative line though, keeping the same dimensions of an acoustic violin with the same key elements.

At the moment I am finalizing pickup testing. I have been through different bridge and body pickups and am trying to strike a balance between best sound and being able to play loud.

I am also doing a bit of experimenting with the placement of the output jack. Left or right side of the lower bout or maybe on the bottom or in the chinrest?

13 November 2012

New electric violin

I have been very busy for the last months.

Teaching at the music school, playing concerts, doing workshops, working with music politics.

I have also been working on my own electric violin design.
This process is nearly finished, resulting in an instrument with similar shape and hollow body and in exact violin proportions, but without f-holes and sound post.

Stay tuned for more pics and info on this instrument.