17 April 2012

Remic v5200-lb

Remic Microphones is a rather young Danish microphone company founded in 2009.

I first came to hear about Remic when my good friend and guitar multi-instrumentalist Perry Stenbäck introduced me at the soundcheck for a concert with my band.

The microphone in focus here is the prototype v-5200-lb miniature condenser for violin and viola.

The v5200-lb is specially designed to be used in situations with loud ambient sounds. For instance in a band with guitar, bass, drums.

While being a omnidirectional the v5200-lb is able to reject ambient sounds by 20db and thus isolate the instrument on which it is placed.

The mic is placed in a small foam wedge and mounted between the fingerboard and the top of the violin. The v5200-lb fits securely and is fast and easy to put on and remove again.

Here are a sound sample going through my AER alpha plus:

Here are my settings on the amp. I made a little low cut to avoid handling noise. No reverb has been added:

A sound sample going directly to disc:

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