20 December 2011

Autolycus pickup

The Autolycus is an Australian made pickup.

It consists of a wired piezo element and a small clip for mounting.

The clip fits quite tightly on both of my violins and I was unlucky to make a few scratches in the varnish of the Hengsheng violin as you can see from this picture.
For this reason I will not do any further test with this pickup.

There is a slight hum, which can be minimized with a low cut.

I made a recording with the Autolycus going through my AER alpha plus.

For this recording the Autolycus was placed on the E-string side like you can see in the picture at the top.

I made use of the AER's preamp and eq. but I had to add another preamp to minimize the hum, this added a little noise. You can see the settings on the AER below.

Here are some samples recorded directly no eq. or effects.

Autolycus placed on E-string side:

Autolycus placed on the G-string side:

The fiddle on the picture is not the same as on the recordings.

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