20 December 2011

Schertler Basik

The Schertler Basik is an electrostatic stick on pickup made by a Swiss company, who specializes in making pickups and amplification for acoustic instruments.

The Basik is as the name implies Schertlers most basic and cheapest pickup system.

There are three versions of Schertler Basik - the Basik Set, the Basik pro and the Basik Road.
The Set comes with a battery box and a non invasive putty for the application of the pickup to the instrument (this is the tested version).
The Pro adds a 48v adaptor for phantom powering.
The Road provides both the battery box and 48v adaptor.

The Schertler Basik sounds like this going through my AER alpha plus:

The Basik was placed on the G-string side over the bassbar as shown in the picture.

I adjusted the tone using only the AER's preamp and eq with no added reverb. You can see my settings below.

Here are some audio samples recorded directly no eq or effects.

The Basik mounted center behind the bridge:

The Basik mounted at the E-string side behind bridge:

The Basik pickup mounted at the G-string side:

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