21 January 2015

Zoom A3 - with the Remic

I have been using the Remic 5200LB for more than a year now. It is a nice handmade mic, which is not intrusive and has a good sound and is very feedback resistant - the most feedback resistant mic I have ever tried on my fiddles.

My first setup comprised a Sennheisser G3 system going into a Headway EDB-1 (discontinued) preamp for EQ. After discovering that the allowed wireless frequencies in Denmark was not allowed within the UK, I ditched the Sennheisser (but I would like to be wireless so I am searching for a system)....

The hardwired setup was then made up of the Headway preamp plus a Behringer micropower PS400 providing 48v phantom, as the Headway only provides 18v.

Of course this was not ideal (too many boxes) and I have been looking for a compact pedal style mic preamp with EQ. 
That was when I discovered the Zoom A3. It has a pickup input, with settings for flat, magnetic and piezo PU and a 48v phantom powered mic input and it has 3 band graphic EQ plus 2 FX processors with 40 selectable FX. 
The Zoom A3 is made for guitar, so it has got a body modeling feature I will not be using, but the rest makes up for a versatile pedal.

For last gigs I have been trying it out and must say it looks/sounds promising. I will have to get more into the setup and handling, so stay tuned for an upcoming article on that.

At the moment the Zoom is set up to provide preamp for the mic and parametric EQ along with the 3 bands of graphic EQ (hardware buttons) on top of that I have a hall reverb and I think it sounds nice through my AER alpha amp, but further tweaking needed. (I am always tweaking ;) )


  1. Hi Henrik, thank you for your blog. It's very engaging. I've just bought the remic 5200LB and would love to hear how you thought it worked with the zoom A3.

    Also you may be interested - my current setup is a Sonic Violin: It's an Eric Aceto Piezo with a custom pre built into the violin. I've found it to be the best piezo solution I've come across so far. I think a great feedback resistant mic is the next step though....

    Best wishes


  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PU_Wf4Xgh28&t=10s