23 August 2013

Remic Strings

I just got this video from Thorkild, the microphone designer at Remic microphones.

This is a preview of their new line of microphones for strings, of which I have been testing the prototype v5200-lb. A test you can see and hear here on this blog.

I have also been testing two never versions of this mic and at the moment I am testing a wireless system consisting of the Remic V5200 and a Sony GB30 digital wireless system.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Henrik,
    I have been enjoying your blog entries and recently took the plunge and bought the Remic. Excellent microphone, but I'm not sure about which preamp to use. Currently I'm plugging it straight into a portable mixer and getting 48V phantom power from there. Do you have any recommendations on which preamps to use? And does it work out the box with the Sony wireless system? Many thanks!