08 May 2013

Tav TB-38 pickup

The Tav TB-38 pickup is a Spanish designed pickup system for violin and viola.
They have pickups for every kind of acoustic instruments.

The tested TB-38 pickup is mounted and held in place by pressure under the low-side foot (g/c) of the bridge and there is a short wire terminated in a standard female RCA connector.

See more at the Tav website:

The pickup also comes in a "pro" version terminated in a carpenter 1/4 inch jack for a more secure mount on the violin.

Everything is packaged in a wooden box and there was a RCA - 1/4 jack cable provided, so pretty much plug and play.

When mounting the pickup on my Hengsheng violin I used the provided plastic strips and tied the output plug to the tailpiece.

I had a little trouble fitting the output plug in a comfortable position and for a more permanent solution I would recommend the "Pro" version.

The TB-38 is a piezo pickup, but the guys at Tav have added a filter in ordder to make the pickup sound more linear.

Here is a clip of the TB-38 recorded directly to disc, with no EQ or effects added:

Here is a clip recorded through the AER Alpha plus with the use of the Alphas EQ section, but without reverb:

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