03 February 2013

Carbon Copy analog delay

A delay is a versatile effect for the fiddle and can color the tone in a broad range of genres - from folk over blues, jazz and rock.

The MXR Carbon Copy is a simple analog delay. It has 3 control knobs and a push-button for activating the modulation option.

Dunlops Carbon Copy Delay ranges from 20ms - 600ms controlled by the Delay knob. You can control the number of  repeats with the Regen knob. By rotating the Mix knob you set the dry/wet balance.

I have tested the Carbon Copy with my old german violin with the Bradivarius pickup going into the Source Audio programmable EQ.

Here is the violin recorded with Carbon Copy delay bypassed for comparison:

Here is a sample with the standard setting from the Carbon Copy manual without modulation:

Here is a sample with the long setting from the Carbon Copy manual without modulation:

Here is the long setting with modulation:

Here is a very short Delay for thickening the tone.
- delay set to 8 o'clock regen set to 9 o'clock and mix set to 11 o' clock:


  1. jansberg,
    I think you would really like the Ibanez AD 9. that model has a darker repeat that warms up the sound of a bright pickup

    1. I have been looking for a vintage AD 9 to try, thanks for the recommendation

  2. Your Shockwave Flash links are broken. I can't hear the audio files. :-(