05 December 2012

Bradivarius bridge pickup

I have for a while wanted to test the Bradivarius bridge pickup.

The maker is Bradley Higgins, a luthier from Hartford New York, who builds beautiful acoustic instruments.

He wanted to provide a bridge pickup solution for his instruments and made the Bradivarius pickup.

The pickup is embedded in the G-side of a good quality bridge, with the wire going out towards the tailpiece.

The bridge has to be fitted to the instrument and a trip to a luthier is recommended.

I have the Bradivarius on my old german fiddle and on my five strings. All testing you hear here is done with the Hengsheng violin, making it possible to compare sounds with the other pickup test.

Here a soundsample of the pickup going through my AER alpha combo.

I have added eq to my liking but no reverb, according to the settings below:

Here is the soundsample of the pickup going directly to disc:


  1. Thanks for the sound clips. I have a question about bridge pick ups like the Bradivarius ... How much does difference the quality of the instrument itself make in the tone of sound produced by a bridge pickup? I have a decent violin and a very special violin. I'm reluctant to change the special violin in any way, and am always nervous bringing it to the pub to perform. So I'd rather use my decent violin in the pubs, as if it gets smashed or stolen it's replaceable. But I need all the help I can get, so wouldn't want to handicap myself either.

    Ann in NZ

  2. Good question Ann. If you have a special violin that you would not otherwise bring to a session, I would definitely not get the Bradivarius mounted on that.
    The Bradivarius and other types like the TAV PU will sound different on different instruments. - but it is often the instruments with less acoustic power that make up the best instruments for pickup mounting. String choice also plays a much bigger role with pickups than on acoustic instruments.

  3. Hi Henrik! All right? Very good your Blog, congratulations. But I am no longer able to access some videos and sound clips. Thank you.