29 July 2012

EQ for fiddle

Here is comment from my friend and expert sound engineer Peter Simonsen.
Peter is a versatile recording engineer and did the recordings for my first album. He also builds high-end microphone preamps and more.

Here is his comment on choosing a hardware EQ unit for live/stage use:

While it may seem as a rather small and eazy package to carry around to live gigs I would imho strongly encourage folks to find a fully Parametric equalizer with 4-5 bands.

I have never found the graphic EQ to be of much use? eventhoug they are or has been installed in even major live PA rigs over the years I have never understood the lack of real use.

A Good parametric eq.. each band includes controls over the center frequency of the band to be adjusted; the width of the range being adjusted (usually marked 'bandwidth', 'Q', and the amount of cut or boost. These controls allow great precision in adjusting exactly the frequencies that need it.
If an EQ does not have those three controls over each band, it is not a parametric EQ.

With a Graphic eq you are only allowed to adjust the freq´s designed! with a "preset "Q" factor. say 125Hz - 250Hz etc. But what if the problem freq is 176Hz? and you only want to adress that exsact problem?..you can't with a graphic eq..sure you can dip/boost a little 125Hz-250Hz..and that might help you a bit but not really? true? you´ll never be 100% satiesfied right?..

That's why I for one find Graphic eq more or less not quite good enough for the job...A fully parametric eq..allows you to really go in deep and solve the "freq-problems" you may have with much great succes. You´ll be more happy, you´ll take/have much more control of your sound(s).

Kind regards Peter

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