07 May 2012

The Fiddle Mic

The Fiddle Mic is designed by Bruce Bartlett.

It is a miniature omnidirectional condenser microphone, with a frequency response tailored specially for violin and viola.

Bartlett sells The Fiddle Mic in two versions: One with a long permanently attached cable, and one with an inline jack so the mic can be left on the instrument.

To mount the microphone you just push the included soft foam wedge under the tailpiece and adjust the microphones position to your linking.

I mounted The Fiddle Mic as shown in the picture at the top. You have to be a little careful not to place the mic under your nose as it will pickup up breathing noise.

I made a couple of small sound samples with The Fiddle Mic and my Hengsheng fiddle.

First a direct recording, with no eq or effects:

Next a recording with the microphone placed close to the g-side f-hole:

A recording through my AER alpha plus amplifier:

In the picture below you can see my eq-settings on the amp:


  1. Thanks for your review, Henrik. I can supply a pop filter with the mic if needed. You might want to make a demo recording with the mic close to an f-hole as an illustration of a warmer sound. Best wishes, Bruce Bartlett

    1. A direct recording with the microphone placed closer to the f-hole has been added.