02 March 2012

Strings for a five string violin

The problems when choosing strings for a five string violin is to get good balance from string to string and to get the same kind of response all over the instrument.

There are special five string fiddle sets: D'Addario Helicore, Super-Sensitive Sensicore, Pinnacle, Red Label, Old Fiddler and Thomastik Infeld Vision all come in a sets with a violin length C-string.

The Helicores also comes in a heavy gauge set which makes this set good for mixing and matching.

I have done a lot experiments with different strings on my three different five strings and found some alternatives to the special sets that I would like to share.

My first choice for a C-string must be the Spirocore 1/2 length C-string - I find it important to use the 1/2 size cause this matches the violin string length.

Another good choice is the Pirazzi heavy gauge C-string. To my knowledge this string only comes in one length, but it does not feel floppy.

On G D A you can use your preferred violin strings. I like Zyex, Vision Titanium Solo and Evah Pirazzi on my five strings.

Looking at the E-string my experience is that most five strings need a heavy gauge E, which sort of tightens up the entire instrument. I prefer the Jargar Forte (red color), but also liked Westminster and Pirastro Gold.

I have not had any good results using a 1/2 or 3/4 size viola set for the four low strings and adding a violin E, most viola strings are slower in response than the violin.

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